Welcome on the website of the Los Santos Multiplayer Project !
The real multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V is finally at your fingertips : a powerful, free and limitless mod.


What is Los Santos Multiplayer?

Los Santos Multiplayer is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V.
In development since 2015, our mod stands out for its total independence. LS:MP is not using either Grand Theft Auto Online’s resources or any traditional modification tools.

The entirety of Los Santos Multiplayer, whether it is its hook or its network architecture, is developed in intern, it is a truly ecosystem independent of any external compound and have its own tools : mapping, exchange and security systems, and much more !
All of those functionalities are the fruit of months of research on the game’s functioning, for this reason, LS:MP is the best multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V, there is no limit.


GTA V screen 0

Total Synchronisation

A good synchronization is not enough, it needs to be total !
Our goal is to offer a total synchronization, whether it is for animations, vehicles or the world it-self, everything !
But the synchronization does not do everything, it also needs a great network architecture, in LS:MP the use of bandwidth is reduced to the minimum by dint of our technologies.

GTA V screen 1

A lot of control on the game

LS:MP is not a simple multiplayer mod, it is also a awesome sandbox for every creative players !
The LS:MP map editor gives you a totally free action field : place, move, delete hundreds of thousands elements become a child’s play !
Some other exclusive functionalities are also planned : loading of textures and models external from the game in-runtime, edition of the game’s different variables and many other things !

GTA V screen 2


Our vision of the multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto V does not include any limits, goodbye 30 players sessions !
LS:MP is built to support many hundreds of real players, yes real ! Because of our truly hard work client side, you will be able to profit of the game without being scared of fps drops or decrease of your performances.

For devs

Chromium Embedded Framework

CEF permits the creation of HTML, CSS, JS and WebGL interfaces on superposition to your game.

JavaScript, C++ & C#

LS:MP offer JavaScript like principal language for scripts client and server side ( NodeJS server side ), C++ is also possible but a warning concerning its utilization will be in effect. C# is envisaged in the future.

Google V8

JavaScript force it, LS:MP embed the powerful execution engine of Google, the well-named V8.


LS:MP uses Linux server side, the free in both ways base.


LS:MPGTA:OnlineGTA:Online based modNot GTA:Online based mod
Slots (1)Illimited*3032A Few Dozen
Synchronisation Quality (2)TotalVery GoodVery GoodLow / Medium
Network Optimization (3)TotalVery BadVery BadBad / Medium
Execution optimisation (4)TotalMediumBadVery Bad / Bad
Mapping (5)TotalNoneTotalLimited
NPC Traffic (6)YesYesYesNone
CEF (7)YesNoneYesYes
3D voice chat (8)YesNoneNoneNone
Anti-cheat (9)TotalRumorLimitedVery Limited / None
Security (10)TotalGoodGoodVery Limited

* Unlimited means that the only limitations will be your PC and your bandwidth, this is not a software limitation caused by LS:MP.

(1) Correspond to the maximal number of players that are able to play simultaneously in great conditions on a server. So it does not include lags, desynchronization and rapid increase of CPU and network resources consumption that cause FPS drops.

(2) Correspond to synchronized elements between players.
A perfect synchronization means that every player sees the same thing: every action is considered.

(3) Correspond to the optimization of different network packets send by the player. The bigger the packet is, the more it will eat your upload speed. A complete network optimization means that we can no longer reduce the packet size so the data usage is at the lowest possible.

(4) Correspond to the general optimization and his impact on machines, server, and client side. A bad execution optimization will have a big impact on the machine and will reduce your computer performance: FPS Drops, lags, and even a crash. A complete execution optimization means that we are unable to reduce more the CPU utilization that we already did, so LS:MP will have no or very low impact on your computer.

(5) Correspond to the capacity to modify the game map. A total mapping means that you will be able to edit all characteristic of the map( lights, water height...) and load external resources to the game (modified textures, new models...). A limited mapping means that you will only be able to change a couple models, props, peds, and vehicles.

(6) Correspond to the presence or not of AI Traffic, from cars to foot.

(7) Correspond to integration or not of Chromium Embedded Framework, a framework that can add a web browser to the application.

(8) Correspond to the presence or not of a 3D voice chat directly integrated to the mod. Do not understand TeamSpeak plugins and other external tools.

(9) Correspond to the presence or not of an Anti-Cheat. A total Anti-Cheat means that every cheating tentatives will be blocked or detected by the server. If there is an Anti-Cheat but it is easily bypassed, it is considered like limited and/or very limited

(10) Correspond to the network protocol security and scripts/mod filtering. A total security means that it will be impossible to bypass the security deployed to protect clients (fetching IP, social club information, malware spreading...)



1° When will LS:MP be available ?

It is very hard to predict a date for a project of this scale, we are therefore hoping for a release of a final version somewhere into 2019, yes a final version !
Our policy is to offer, at the release of LS:MP, a perfectly working mod and the most complete possible.

2° What does LS:MP need in order to work ?

A original version of Grand Theft Auto V and a configuration greater than or equal to the minimum requirements.

3° Is LS:MP compatible with cracked versions of the game ?

No. GTA V is a great game, buy it !

4° Is the goal of LS:MP to replace GTA Online ?

No. GTA Online has very different goals than we have.
Our goal is to allow a new multiplayer experience on Grand Theft Auto V and multiple theme servers exploiting the full potential of the game.

5° Will LS:MP become open-source ?

No. LS:MP is the fruit of many years of work and is at the source of multiples new technologies, for those reasons his code is the entire property of the Los Santos Multiplayer Team.


1° What is the LS:MP account used for ?

The LS:MP account allows us to control the access to LS:MP while giving you client and server side information. For example, if you own a roleplay server, maybe you don't want the bad players ( who got banned on multiple servers ) to join your. This is possible with an LS:MP account. Client side, it will create a list of favourite server directly showed at the launching of the game.

2° How will the mod be released ?

Firstly, only the client version will be released, the goal being to show to GTA V players the capacity and the possibilities that LS:MP offers via different servers available at the release. In the next weeks, we will release the server version for you to be able to propose your own creations to the community.

3° What is a LS:MP partner ?

An LS:MP partner is a community member who proved his motivation for the project. Whether you are the mastermind of a server project on LS:MP, a manager of a website treating the subject or a video maker, you can apply to become LS:MP partner !
The acquisition of this status is in parallel of the beta testers one, a partner is a beta tester with more advantages !
The advantages of being a LS:MP Partner are :
- an anticipated access to LS:MPServer to be able to offer your server more quickly
- put the emphasis of your server in the masterlist ( list of different servers )
- promotion of your website and/or your YouTube/Twitch channel
- "Partenaire" ( :flag_us: Partner ) tag on our website
- your username will colored with the "Partner" color on our LS:MP server

4° How to become beta-tester ?

In the same way that a partner, a beta tester is a community member who proved his motivation for the project, many methods permits to become one :
- by participating constructively and qualitatively on Discord : by answering questions or by helping an other member by example.
- by being a translator: a regular participation is necessary to conserve this status, a unique translation is not enough.
- by donating : for more information, consult the "Support Us" section on the website.
The beta-tester rank allows you to participate to different tests organized by the team and obtain the tag "Beta-tester" and the color on the website and in-game ! In return, you engage yourself to provide us a detailed rapport of your experiences. The non-respect of this condition will, without doubts, mark the retreat of your of the status.

5° How can I support you ?

If you are of a generous kind, you have a lot of different ways to support Us !
- join the team as a translator if you have a good level in any languages, or moderator if you know how to manage a community
- talk of LS:MP around you
- donate, whether it is on Tipeee, Patreon ou Paypal
- follow us, it is an enormous source of motivation to be followed by a community


1° Will LS:MP have NPC/AI traffic like in the story mode of GTA V ?

Yes, it is a planned functionality. The traffic will be activable and customizable.

2° Will LS:MP permit a vocal chat in-game ? 3D ?

Yes, it is a planned functionality. It will be an in-game 3D vocal chat directly rendered by the sound engine of the game, opening the door to tons of interesting functionalities ( the use of vocal filters/effects for example ). It aims to use the less bandwidth possible, all is that is possible because of a homemade technology.

3° Will LS:MP permit in-runtime external 3D model loading ( textures, props, vehicles, guns... ) ?

Yes, it is a planned functionality. Our goal is to permit a total edition of the game in-runtime, that means it is not a simple download of the resources before the launch but a real in-runtime edition.

4° What tools will be available around LS:MP ?

LS:MP will propose the most complete map editor ever created for GTA V, allowing to place / move / remove / add thousands of items on the game’s map.
It is absolutely not a simple "Prop Spawner" but a true map editor including all resources provided by the game and even more with the external ones !
A conversion tool will be available to convert maps in other formats ( Map Editor, Menyoo, YMAP ) in the LS:MP format.

5° What languages are supported by LS:MP to create scripts ?

JavaScript ( NodeJS server side ) and C++ server side as well as for client side ( with warnings when using client side C++, for a security reason ). In the future, a C# integration is possible.

6° Will CEF ( Chromium Embedded Framework ) be embedded into LS:MP ?


7° What are the differences between LS:MP and other multiplayer mods ?

Truly everything.

For their operation the other multiplayer mods use native functions of the game, for beginners a native is a "piece of code" used by Rockstar's developers to create scripts quickly. But these native functions are not made to create a multiplayer mod, they are far too heavy in terms of executions ( PCs take time to run them. ) For devs you are already aware that native functions can only be interpreted in the main thread of the game, so using them abusive as is necessary for a multiplayer mod slowed down rendering the rest of the game, caused fps drops and others ( slow resources loading... ).
In addition to this there are a lot of things that can't be done with natives, for example : NPC/AI traffic. The use of natives for this task is not a viable solution, it would be a resource eater. To create a NPC/AI traffic it is necessary to understand how the game proceeds and adapt it to be able to synchronize it between players.
LS:MP does not use any native functions for its synchronization, every information are directly searched and modified into the process’ memory.

An other important point, the networking, it is the heart itself of a multiplayer, however, if other mods leaves that job to diverse open-source resources, LS:MP have its own system. That permits a total control on different packets necessary to the synchronization, and so performances are widely improved.

It is for those reasons that other mods will never be viable solutions for large-scale multiplayer :
- impossible to play with many dozens of players without big performance drops
- impossible to offer advanced functionalities
- impossible to offer a total synchronization
- impossible to offer a good connection to players with a weak one


1° Will GTA Online activities be available on LS:MP ?

simple races, stunt races, confrontation, exterminations
Some activities will be proposed on the main server of LS:MP : classical and daredevil races, confrontations, exterminations and captures for example, therefore activities specific to GTA Online like those for bikers or CEOs won’t be available.

2° What servers will be offered ?

At the release, three servers will be available :
- The freemode server : as its name says, it is a server on which you are free, many activities will therefore be available on it ( courses, confrontations, exterminations, captures... and all of that without loading times ! ).
- GTA:Battleship : it is a "naval battle" mode, many team fights each others in the air to death trying to sink enemy fleets while protecting yours !
- GTA:Z : server having for theme the zombie universe. Two versions are will be available : GTA:Z Classic for games without time limits and a long-term progression of your character, and GTA:Z Hardcore for short and intense games.